Zorro Algo Trading Manual - Content Overview

Open the local Zorro manual with the [Help] button on the Zorro panel or with [Shift-F1] in the editor. The online Zorro manual is available on https://zorro-project.com/docs.php. The manuals are not identical: The online manual can contain new features that are currently in beta test and not yet available in the Zorro release. If in doubt, use the local manual. For searching items, click the [Search] tab in the local manual. For finding a function or variable, click the [Index] tab. For a comprehensive introduction to working with Zorro, get the Black Book.

This manual covers:

When looking through the manual the first time, you will be probably overwhelmed by the tons of functions, variables, and modules that affect test, training, trading, debugging, and analyzing. They result from the many different trading methods and algorithms developed for clients over the years. But don't worry. Zorro works well with default settings, and whichever market you're trading or algorithm you're using, you'll only need a small subset of the available functions.

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