Tradier Plugin

Tradier is a US based brokerage for stocks, ETFs, and options with a REST based API for trading and market data. The Tradier plugin allows trading on real accounts and receiving data. For using it you need a Tradier Developer account. There are two types of Developer accounts: Sandbox (demo mode) and Brokerage (real mode). For real mode a Tradier Brokerage account is also required.

A free sandbox account can be opened at h for receiving delayed market data. Paper trading and account data for sandbox accounts is not yet available, but shall come soon.

The steps to get a brokerage developer account:

Zorro login for Tradier:

UsUser Brokerage account ID, or empty in Sandbox mode.
Password Brokerage or Sandbox access token.


Supported broker commands

The plugin supports the brokerCommand function with the following commands:

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