report (int Number) : string

Returns a string with content dependent on the given Number


1 Temporary string containing the current performance report.
2 Content of the Zorro.ini file. Use strvar or strtext for parsing.
3 Temporary string containing the command line.
4 Content of the .par parameters file, if any. Empty in the initial run.
5 Content of the .c rules file, if any. Empty in the initial run.
6 Content of the .fac factors file, if any. Empty in the initial run.
10 Temporary list of open trades similar to the status page. Empty when no trade was opened.
12 User name from the [Login] field.
20 Broker name selected with the scrollbox, f.i "MT4" or "FXCM".
21 Account name from the Name field in the account list.
23 Account identifier from the Account field in the account list.
24 Account currency from the CCY field in the account list.
26 Current script folder.
32 QuandlKey from zorro.ini.
33 AVApiKey from zorro.ini.
34 IEXKey from zorro.ini.
35 EODKey from zorro.ini.



// send a performance report every day by email
if(Live && dow(0) != dow(1)))
  email(TO,FROM,"Zorro Report",report(1),SERVER,USER,PASSWORD);

See also:

printf, system strings, performance report

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