frame(int Offset): bool

Returns true when the current TimeFrame ends at the given bar, and false when inside a time frame.

frameSync(int Period): int

Returns a synchronized TimeFrame that is aligned to the begin of an hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or a week. Returns 0 inside the time frame, and the negative number of skipped bars at the end of the time frame. Periods that are higher than one week or are no divisor of a full hour are not synchronized. FrameOffset can be used to shift the synchronized time frame to a particular time or workday.


Offset Bar distance to the current bar. Must be 0 when TimeFrame is synchronized to a fixed time period or to an external event.
Period Time period to be synchronized, in bars; an integer fraction of a hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or 7 days for a week.

sync(vars Data, int Type, int Period) : var

Selects a value of the Data series using a synchronized time frame given by Period. Can be used to generate higher time frames of price series or indicators. Dependent on Type, the first, maximum, minimum, or last element  within the time frame, or the previous value is selected. The function internally creates series (see remarks). Source code in indicators.c.


Data Data series, for instance prices or indicator values.
Type 1 first, 2 highest, 3 lowest, 4 last element, +8 for the previous value.
Period Synchronized time period, in bars; an integer fraction of a hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or 7 days.



// let a time frame change daily at 3:00
BarPeriod = 60;
FrameOffset = 3;
TimeFrame = frameSync(24);

// shift a series every 24 hours
BarPeriod = 60;
if(0 == frameSync(24)) set(NOSHIFT);
vars MySeries = series(MyValue);

// return OHLC prices from synchronized higher time frames
var priceSyncOpen(int Period) { return sync(seriesO(),1,Period); }
var priceSyncClose(int Period) { return sync(seriesC(),4,Period); }
var priceSyncHigh(int Period) { return sync(seriesH(),2,Period); }
var priceSyncLow(int Period) { return sync(seriesL(),3,Period); }

See also:

Bar, TimeFrame, BarZone, BarMode, suspended, series

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