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Bittrex™ is a US based digital currency exchange that supports about 200 crypto currencies and provides free API access. With Zorro S, the Bittrex API plugin can be used with or without a Bittrex account; in the latter case only price data is available. For the interested, the source code of the Bittrex API plugin is available in the Source folder, and its implementation is described on Financial Hacker.

For opening a Bittrex account, visit and apply. Demo accounts are not available - you must really deposit some amount. You can set up the bitcoin symbol and the number of decimals to display in prices in the account list. For acessing your account via API, you will need a public key and a private secret since all API commands must be hash signed. The steps:

You're now all set to trade with the Bittrex plugin. The plugin uses API version 3.0.

User Bittrex API key, or empty for accessing live prices only
Password Bittrex Secret, or empty for accessing live prices only

Bittrex asset symbols

Bittrex requires symbols in the form XXX-BTC, where BTC is the account currency and XXX the currency to trade. Symbols in the form XXX/BTC are automatically converted.

Supported broker commands

The Bittrex plugin supports brokerRequest and brokerCommand with the following commands:

More commands can be implemented on user request.

Known Bittrex API issues

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