exec(string Program, string Options, int Mode)

Execute an external program, open a document or URL, or run a script or batch file.


Program - file name of the exe, batch file, document, URL to be opened. Use "Editor" for opening the script editor, "Zorro" for another Zorro instance.
Options - command line parameter string to be passed to the program, or 0 for no command line options.
Mode - 1 for waiting until the external program was terminated, otherwise 0.


0 if the program was not found or could not be started, otherwise the return code of the program in mode 1, or the process ID in mode 0.


Examples (see also Python):

exec("notepad","test.txt",0); // open notepad
exec("Editor",strf("Log\\%s.csv",Script),0); // open a .csv file in the Log folder with the editor
exec("c:\\program files\\internet explorer\\iexplore.exe","https://zorro-project.com",0); // open an URL with Internet Explorer
exec("https://zorro-project.com",0,0); // open an URL with the standard browser
exec("Zorro","-run Myscript.c",1); // run a Zorro script in another instance
exec("Zorro",strf("-train %s",Script),0); // train current script in another Zorro instance

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