Deribit Plugin

Deribit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. It trades futures and options on Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH). For speed reasons the Deribit plugin uses uses the Websocket API for most functionality and REST for historical data. Deribit has a production and a test API; the plugin connects in real mode to the production API and in test mode to the testnet API.

User Client ID
Password Client Secret

Accounts.csv example entry:

Name Server Account User Pass Assets CCY Real NFA Plugin
Deribit-Real Production 0 0 0 AssetsDeribit USD 1 14 Deribit.dll
Deribit-Demo Testnet 0 0 0 AssetsDeribit USD 0 14 Deribit.dll

Deribit asset symbols

Deribit has 4 types of symbols: Index, Perpetual Futures, Futures, and Options.

Index: Coin name, either "BTC" or "ETH".
Perpetual Futures: [Coin]-PERPETUAL, e.g. "ETH-PERPETUAL".
Futures: [Coin]-DDMMMYY, where MMM is a 3-letter capitalized string, e.g. "BTC-26MAR21".
Options: [Coin]-DDMMMYY-[Strike]-[P/C], e.g. "ETH-25JUN21-340-C".
For options and futures, the contract functions can be used with "BTC" or "ETH" as the underlying.

Supported broker commands

The Deribit plugin supports the brokerCommand function with the following commands:

Known Deribit API issues

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